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Irene and Mavis EP returns.

We’re proud to announce that Minimal Wave will be reissuing our debut EP Irene & Mavis in November, 2013. So along with the Happy Families too…Album and Tour, it’s a busy old month.


The Maiden Aunts of electronic music return to the stage this November to perform the whole of their debut album Happy Families live for the first time, with the songs which won popular acclaim three decades ago given a 21st century spin. Specially re-recorded by Blancmange – and rechristened Happy Families, Too… – the new recording will be on sale exclusively at tour venues.

Neil refers to the new versions as an “interpretation”. “I just wanted to approach the songs using today’s technology,” he says. “Every time we perform it’s a different interpretation. So rather than just dust off the old songs, I wanted to bring something fresh to the project and make it a contemporary reworking rather than an exact imitation.”

Continuing health issues mean Stephen is unable to join Neil on the tour. However, he will be joined by guitarist David Rhodes, who performed on the original album, and sound engineer Adam Fuest, who will manipulate the mix. “The intention is to do something a bit like Roxy Music did with Brian Eno processing sounds live during a performance,” says Neil. “It might be less predictable, but I like the chance element – the feeling I’m moving forward creatively.”

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The tour begins on 3 November in Clitheroe, Lancashire, finishing in London and Cardiff on 15th & 16th. Tickets are on sale now from all major outlets priced between £16 and £22.50.