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Commercial Break

Blancmange are set to release a new album, Commercial Break on 17th September 2021. Co-produced by Benge and mixed at his Memetune Studios in Cornwall, it’s available to Pre-Order now on ltd edition white and pink vinyl and CD from the Official Store:

Tour dates rescheduled from May to this autumn





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Sadly, due to the coronavirus we’re moving all of Blancmange’s May 2021 dates to this autumn. 
All tickets remain valid for the new dates. Apologies, it’s disappointing but probably not a huge surprise. 
We’ll get there! And thanks, as ever, for your support.

Blancmange – Expanded Mindset

Blancmange – Expanded Mindset will be released on 11th December. Order HERE 
The idea of a Blancmange album of extended mixes has been discussed for a few years now and finally here it is – a new, longer version of this year’s Mindset album.
Remixed and reworked by Neil Arthur and Benge over the last few weeks, this new Expanded edition also flips the running order to give it a fresh approach (part accident, part design and hopefully mind expanding!).

1 When (4:57)
2 Not Really (Virtual Reality) (6:09)
3 Diagram (9.00)
4 Sleep With Mannequin (6.00)
5 Insomniacs Tonight (6.13)
6 Clean Your House (7.01)
7 Antisocial Media (5:59)
8 This Is Bliss (6:14)
9 Warm Reception (6:09)
10 Mindset (7:07)

Waiting Room now available on CD

Blancmange – Waiting Room (Volume 1) is now available on CD HERE

This is a limited edition collection of tracks written and recorded by Neil Arthur. Archived tracks from the Unfurnished Rooms (2017), Wanderlust (2018) and Mindset (2020) Blancmange album sessions that have remained unreleased until now. To be continued . . .

1 Once Upon A Summer Morn
2 Anxiety Close
3 Washing Machine
4 Everything Seems Different
5 Cast Adrift
6 Tideline
7 Spiders Are Bejewelled
8 What Will Be
9 Changing Trains
10 3 Minutes