‘Music Pop Art has seldom been as good’



‘Music Pop Art has seldom been as good’

The new Blancmange album, Semi Detached has been receiving some great reviews in the UK press. Here’s a selection:

MOJO MAGAZINE  ‘Instantly memorable melodies. Wonderful pop songs. Music Pop Art has seldom been as good.’ ****

CLASSIC POP: BEST NEW ALBUM OF THE MONTH: ‘Confirms Blancmange’s capacity to astonish.’ ****

ELECTRONIC SOUND MAGAZINE ‘Semi Detached is a journey downwards, both through the earth and through a psyche. This is an album of subterranean spaces, dark caverns hollowed out beneath the surface… Its depths will have you thinking about it for days. There’s just so much here.’

LOUDER THAN WAR:  ‘Still catchy, still infectious but now all grown up. The journey will no doubt continue, but for the moment this

could be their finest album to date.’ 9/10

VIVE LE ROCK: ‘Arthur’s emotional vocals reflect intense personal words, meshing the melodic moody music magnificently.’ 9/10

Q MAGAZINE: ‘Stephen Luscombe had bowed out, leaving singer Neil Arthur in sole charge. Thankfully, his are capable hands: still in strong voice, his spare, pop-savvy synth tracks are a fitting canvas for his absurdist narratives.’ ***

UNCUT MAGAZINE: ‘Blancmange have seldom been hipper.’ ***

MUSIC OMH: ‘You won’t go far wrong with giving this latest collection a chance.’ ***