UK ‘Wanderlust’ Tour:  April 25 Bedford Esquires; 26 Southend Chinnerys; 27 London Under The Bridge; May 3 Sheffield Leadmill; 4 Liverpool Arts Club; 10 Manchester Gorilla; 11 Birmingham Hare And Hounds. For more info please visit HERE 

‘Wanderlust’ Reviews

Blancmange’s ‘Wanderlust’ was released in October 2018 to fantastic reviews
Here’s a selection of what was said: 
‘Delicious synth pop masterclass’ **** UNCUT 
‘The songs are addictive, complex and vital. Arthur has poured his heart into a record that ranks with his very best.’
‘The new Blancmange material is absolutely amazing’ 
‘Great lyricists are still out there and one of the less celebrated is Blancmange’s Neil Arthur whose work is packed with striking imagery, enigmatic
Meaning and ultra-smart puns. **** CLASSIC POP
‘This album is potentially Neil Arthur’s finest work. It shows a man at the top of his game. Excellent stuff.’
‘Absolutely brilliant’. 
‘Shimmers with personality. Musically, Neil Arthur has entered a new realm and as a lyricist he’s doing something highly distinctive.’ THE QUIETUS 
‘Wanderlust demonstrates that electronic pop is timeless – as are the original alchemists.’
‘A dark and inspired comment on modern life’ **** MUSIC OMH 


New Blancmange album – Wanderlust

On 19th October 2018, Blancmange will release a new album of ten songs composed by Neil Arthur, and arranged, co-produced and mixed with Benge (Wrangler/Creep Show) at the latter’s Memetune Studios in Cornwall. This is the pair’s third album together following their Fader First Light album in June 2017 and they also collaborated on last year’s Blancmange opus, Unfurnished Rooms – described by Mojo as ‘detached, wistful, touched by computer-age unease.’

The new album is focussed on similar themes but there’s a new energy to the approach – wistfulness turning to anger; dislocation morphing into a powerful desire to be somewhere else, and always a sense of someone fighting for forward motion, dreams, family and the joys of life while seeing, as Arthur puts it, ‘the pretence of a normal world being erased.’

This spirit is also in the music, which is vital, percussive, full of analogue machine-noise and chunky basslines.

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01. Distant Storm
02. In Your Room
03. I Smashed Your Phone
04. Gravel Drive Syndrome
05. Talking To Machines
06. Not A Priority
07. TV Debate
08. Leaves
09. White Circle, Black Space
10. Wanderlust

Near Future – Ideal Home. Out now!

Near Future released their debut album Ideal Home on 25th May, 2018.

Available HERE 

The collaboration between Blancmange’s Neil Arthur and solo electronic artist Jez Bernholz dates back a couple of years.

Files were swapped, sounds and lyrics re-wired, and Ideal Home is the gloriously minimal result. The album is icy and detached; beautiful and otherworldly; Bernholz’s spoken word monologue on ‘Dawn’ sounding like a warning signal from the subconscious, while digitised electronics usher in some of Neil Arthur’s most intimate vocals.
12 Sleeve (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}.eps

1. Ideal Home
2. Field This
3. Overwhelmed
4. Fish And Chips
5. Thought Terminating In Your Night
6. Come And Play
7. Dawn
8. Gap In The Curtain
9. Kites Over Waitrose
10. Bulk Erase