A message from Stephen Luscombe


A message from Stephen Luscombe

Hello Peeps,

Well as you all know by now the Maiden Aunts are off on another jaunt round the block – sans me again though, sorry!

I just thought I’d send you all something a bit more personal rather than another somewhat faceless press release so here goes.

As reported last year I was unable to come on the various tour/dates due to an abdominal aortic aneurysm: it wouldn’t have been too clever to ignore that, and not fair on the boys to have that at the back of their minds. Turns out it’s hereditary – and the latest scan recently showed no change – SOOO I won’t be coming on the next adventure unfortunately.

The wonderful Graham H will be donning a blond crop and having half his legs sawn off – you won’t even know the difference! My, can he twiddle! And Sri Pandit Wossname, from time to time, on the bongos will provide his usual Rajastan/Bengal sideshow as a bonus, and of course, Aunty Mavis will do her celebrated impression of Johnny Cash experiencing severe turbulence and electrocution.

So, sadly I will miss all this, and you lot as well. But a big big thank you for all your support, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the next shows. Well, my sister did in Brighton anyway!

All the best, Toodle Pip!

Stephen xxx